[cml_media_alt id='79']check[/cml_media_alt] Audit

Legal and voluntary auditing of period and consolidated financial statements

Audits of specific balance segments and/or of separate annual accounts and/or infra-annual accounts

Certification and stamp of approval for tax credit compensation

Assistance to boards of statutory auditors during auditing activities

Full and/or limited audits of the reporting package

Certification of procedures, accounts and reporting on expenses related to training activities and project financing

Outsourcing for internal audit and compliance activities

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[cml_media_alt id='79']check[/cml_media_alt] Assurance

Certification of budget, business plans and industrial plans

Certification of the economic financial plan (P.E.F.) supporting project financing

Certification of company restructuring plans, restructuring agreements and composition procedures

Analysis and assessment of budgeting systems, management reporting and control

Assessment of internal auditing procedures

Analysis and assessment of accounting procedures

Risk management with counterpart assessment through balance sheet analysis

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[cml_media_alt id='79']check[/cml_media_alt] Advisory

Assistance with drawing up budgets, business plans and industrial plans

Assistance with applying international accounting standards (IAS – IFRS)

Filling in and drafting reporting packages

Assistance with drafting social balance sheets and accountability systems for social companies and non-profit entities

Assistance with drafting and updating financial economic plans supporting project financing

Assistance with drawing up and organising manuals, accounting procedures, internal reporting and data collection systems

Assistance with drafting consolidated balance sheets formalising internal data collection and reporting procedures.

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[cml_media_alt id='79']check[/cml_media_alt] Investigation

Accounting and financial inquiries and reconstruction to support the activities of lawyers, boards of arbitration and bankruptcy proceedings bodies

Technical accounting, tax and financial advice

Accounting and financial analysis and inquiries to identify fraud and/or illegal deeds

Analysis and assessment of company risks

Accounting and financial analysis and inquiries to determine and quantify damage

Company check-up to check information flow and economic financial data generation processes

Benchmarketing analysing competitors’ balance sheets and comparing performance

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[cml_media_alt id='79']check[/cml_media_alt] Transaction

Accounting, fiscal and financial due diligence for M&A operations

Assistance and advice for drawing up information memoranda

Assessment, analysis and definition of share swap ratios and/or new share issue prices

Assessment of companies and company branches, shares and assets

Controls and analysis of contractual agreement conformity

Assistance with optimising choices during merger, acquisition and splitting up operations

Drafting sworn opinions for the contribution of assets and companies when incorporating companies and/or for increases in corporate capital